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Patient Perspectives


FIECON's vision is to use economics for the good of humanity. As a global consultancy to the lifesciences, we are committed to launching pharmaceutical products that make a difference in people’s lives.

The pharmaceutical landscape is changing. Payers seen as the traditional ‘customers’ of new medicines and medical devices, are adapting their models from just safety and efficacy data to a more holistic approach focused on products, services and care outcomes. Maximising positive impact to the population given constrained resources is the ultimate goal.

Pharmaceutical companies have had to change too. Successful product launches in the future will rely on partnerships with patient advocacy groups, HTA bodies and payers and other key stakeholders involved in the delivery of improved patient outcomes.

In this series of podcasts we talk to patient advocates and thought leaders about the burden, unmet needs, patient journey and possible future treatments for a particular disease to better understand the patient perspective.

We hope that a more comprehensive understanding of that patient perspective will help to optimise drug development, expenditures, and care into the future.